Manifest Meeting


Hi! I'm Eve with The Manifest University

and I'm excited to help you finally attract

into your life what you have

always wanted!

I've helped 100's of people get

what they want

and many have called me the 'Final Step'

after trying Everything!

My Philosophy is You Gotta Learn the

Right Way to Manifest...

Along WITH Paradigm Shifting;

that is Identifying ALL Your Patterns and


If you don't Paradigm Shift, it won't matter


you are at Manifesting....

you'll either Never get what you want


you'll Lose what you get!

AND While It's definitely a process


I'm going to Show You How To Do It!

Here's what a few of my students

had to say....

"The Manifest University is a game changer.
I had some hesitation in the beginning, but I have never had anything -not therapy, self help books, life coaches... NONE of those things have compared to the
incredible shift that has happened as a result of my work with Eve and The Manifest University."

- James Smith - Los Angeles

CEO of a Major Tech Design Company

"I believe in Eve's Paradigm Shift!!!
I started following it and started booking all sorts of acting projects!
I'm going to keep this going! THANK YOU Eve! Love you lady!"

- Cat H. - Los Angeles


"I met Eve about a month ago and quickly understood just how special she is. As a recruiter I'm sort of a professional seeker of the shiny star-quality type of people; Eve is definitely that.
Her process quickly transformed my thoughts, and hence my LIFE... and after a two week period I saw things happening that I playfully, elatedly giggled at the idea of as just a mere wish or possibility earlier that month. It happened!
Eve is a catalyst and a paradigm shifter for those who are in need, open and receptive. Can not wait to work on some
more manifestations with her in the realm of my mind, heart, business and life!!!

- Kristel A. - Los Angeles

Owner of a Restaurant Staffing Company

"Eve has honed in on an amazing process that brings results quickly, and after a year still are continuing to expand. I

started my Cold Pressed Beverage Lab Radical Botanicals and right after working with Eve.

I dreamed into existence so much but what has happened was so much more.

Within a few months...I was getting unbelievable press and opportunities!

I had the pleasure of highlighting my products for His Holiness the Dalai Lama as well as the 35th Annual Peta Awards!

I just got voted #1 Best Detox Juice Company in OC!

So many things coming up I am ON FIRE!

TheMU is a pathway that works in conscious and subconscious places in your mind/heart. I'm on a roll! Boom! Watch out!"

- Izumi H. - Los Angeles

Creator and Owner of Detox Juice Company

  • - Alex Rodriguez - Miami

Owner of Shoe Manufacturer in Colombia

Just like I did for these students,

I'm going to dispell all the wrong cliches about Manifestation that don't even

make sense..., "Just ASK the Universe for what you want"...

Explain WHY you haven't been getting what you want...

AND Give you actual TOOLS to begin using Immediately and Each Day to Manifest Exactly What You Want...Finally.

And Most Importantly,

You are also going to Learn the 7 Rules to

Manifesting the Right Way....

...which if you follow, will turn you into a

Master Manifestor for Life.

You wont need to

endlessly read more books,

watch more videos


attend expensive retreats,

because you are going to know

EXACTLY what to do when you wake up

Monday Morning to Start Manifesting!

My Mastermind Students paid 25K for 6 months, which is extremely rewarding but time contraints would only allow me to reach a few people at a time ....

...So I created the

Manifest Meeting Group Class

as a way to reach more people at once,

along with making it more affordable for

you guys.

This Jam Packed Class is a FULL DAY!

Classes are from 10am - 2pm EST with a

Lunch Break

and then 3pm -7pm Individual Help Session

with Me Directly.

Please be ready with Pen and Paper to

take notes!

Come to class with an open mind,

forget what you have learned before,

and be ready to learn

The Right Way To Manifest!

After the check out page there will be a Calendar to pick the date of your manifestation class. You will then receive a zoom link to enter the class.

Please Check Your Spam/Junk Folder for the email with your link.

Make sure to save your Zoom link, Date and Time somewhere easy to remember and accessible and make a note on your calendar so you can show up on time.

Remember the time is EST, so adjust accordingly.

If you purchase the class and need to change your date, No Problem!...just shoot me a message at:

Please be on time, prepared with your coffee already in hand and be ready to Manifest!

See You Soon!

Eve :))

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